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Dying but not dead yet

Nexprime, Apr 11, 11 11:07 AM.
Hey guys. As you may know or not, my mom is very sick. Her situation has improved so that's a little stress off my shoulders.

However, i got hurt bad at work a few weeks ago. My knee is in bad shape. As a result it's very difficult to get around and even stay in a sitting position for extended periods.

I can't justify holding on to any leadership position if i am not sure i will be able to game.
I will pass on my roll as soon as I get the chance.

Conlynn, its good to see you are back. I havent talked to Wyllia for some time now. Her schedule at work is very erratic and doesnt allow her a whole lot of free time. As such I am sure she wont mind if someone takes over in her place till things are more stable.

I am off now to get my MRI. Lets hope i wont need surgery

Nex is M.I.A.

Nexprime, Jan 24, 11 7:14 PM.
I am sorry I havent been around, especially in Wyllia's absents.

My mother is quite sick atm. Has a blood clot in her brain and while thankfully its only a small one, its causing many complications because of where it is located.

This is making things difficult to say the least with regards to gaming. I am still commited to our guild and will make effort to log in as often as I can.

I have been told by Wyllia that her video card should arrive towards the end of the month so we will all have our fearless leader back.

Hope to see you all soon.

Epic Red Dragon

WylliaDDO, Jan 4, 11 10:15 PM.
For those brave enough or with enough free time, I would like to give the red dragon a try on Epic.  If it doesn't work out, well, that is the way the ball bounces. 



*NexPrime's Builds updated*

Nexprime, Dec 9, 10 5:17 AM.
Added: 10th Commandment to Sorc build

If you haven't checked out my build section, please do.
10 rules that I have learned through experience that have upped my game.

*NexPrime's Builds updated*

Nexprime, Dec 8, 10 1:52 AM.

*NexPrime's Builds updated*

Nexprime, Dec 6, 10 1:32 AM.

Reaver's Fate Follow-Up

ordieth117, Nov 13, 10 11:43 PM.
Good run with pugs.  Couple of semi-decent drops no one wanted so went to roll, won by pugs.

MONDAY! MONDAY! MONDAY! Endless Night Festival!

Nexprime, Oct 22, 10 10:43 PM.
Another preview event!
it would be nice to get an all guild raid group going.
there are some VERY nice items to be had in the event, especially for monks :D
Its very easy to collect motes of night with a fire spec caster.
Hope to see you monday!
check calender for more details!

Reaver with something afterwards OR Halloween event if it happens Follow-Up

ordieth117, Oct 21, 10 12:44 AM.
Spent a long time trying the new event.  Fairly easy, slightly tedious killing.  Annoying bug with the dragon event causing people to lose keys and the event to shut down early.  Did 3 runs of reaver's fate (3 because I messed up the first puzzle).  Bracers dropped on the third but some idiot rolled then zoned out without reassigning them.

Reaver's Fate Follow-Up

ordieth117, Oct 9, 10 3:07 AM.
Ran two runs of Reaver's Fate raid.  All the drops went to pugs.  Thinking about doing them all in-house from now on, but still up in the air.  Still hammering out the loot policy and how to encourage/enforce it.
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